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Join the Conscript Corps Today!

To Fight, Even When You Think You Can't!

On our distant planet at the edge of human space. Our war with the lizard like race known as, well, the Lizars, has turned into a stalemate. To resolve the issue your honorable Military Governmental Junta in cooperation with Colonial Milirtary High Command, has graciously decided to activate the Conscript Corps, so now all can join in on the war! No training, out of shape, no hip? No problem! In the Conscript Corps all males (human like species included) between the ages of 16 - 109 are accepted and expected. As long as you can lift a rifle and/or (kinda of) walk, you can fight. Yay!

(Waivers are  available to individuals who want to join but do not meet these requirements.)

Don't Delay, Fight Today!

The Story

Lt. Lary Johnston is sent to The Conscript Corps, where he must fight to survive in a war on a distant world in human space. In this web series follow Lt. Lary Johnston, a conniving and self centered officer of the Colonial Military, who is sent to The Conscript Corps to fight the aliens known as the Lizars. Though he's not eager to join the fight, Lt. Lary Johnston quickly discovers that the reality is far worse. Now, he must fight to survive in a world being invaded by walking talking lizards and commanders that are hostile to him and his soldiers. Will he make it out alive?

Meet The Team

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