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The Star Prince and the Peasant

The Star Prince and the Peasant S-1&2


The Star Prince and the Peasant


Type - Narrative Style Podcast

Genre - Sci-fi/Steampunk (ish)

Plot - A not so long time ago in a galaxy, a stones throw away, there was a prince who lived as he wished. He cared little for anyone but himself, that is till he was sent on a journey that would take him to a far off planet and deep into himself. Many dangers, true love, an odd first cousin once removed and some wacky humor await you in this sci-fi/steampunk comedic tale of galactic proportions.

World Synopsis - Space fairing society of animal like aliens, that has been able to achieve space flight, though most of their technology we would consider being of the early industrial period of the 1800s.


Seasons -2

Season length - 4 Episodes


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